Friday, October 3, 2014

#GamerGate: One Simple Test

I love #GamerGate. It is the first sign of life that I have seen that the total mind control of the Left can be broken. If you don't know what #GamerGate is about, probably the fastest and most fun way to learn is to watch the videos from the Internet Aristocrat's YouTube channel. The short story is that the Cathedral's infiltration of gaming has been exposed, and the Left's duplicity and mind control tactics have been laid bare for all who are following the action.

Let me take a moment to gush over the Aristocrat. This guy is a lion. His Tumblrisms video series is a humorous dissection of social justice insanity on Tumblr (headmates, thin privilege, white privilege, ableism, cultural appropriation), displaying a deep understanding of the Left. He is uniquely positioned to follow, understand, and critique the infiltration of games journalism by the Social Justice Warriors, and his #GamerGate videos are amazingly detailed diaries of the unfolding #GamerGate saga. He is a leading figure in this fight. His citizen journalism and keen intellect have earned my greatest respect.

Today I did a search on 'GamerGate' to see how the mainstream of journalism was responding, and if they were continuing to stonewall and paint any dissenters as misogynists. Sure enough, that is exactly what is still happening.

I, of course, was interested to take this simple test on the Mirror to see if #GamerGate is about corruption or misogyny. The article gives you a quick backgrounder to start, then takes you to the smoking gun, where #GamerGaters actually admit that they have a problem with Social Justice Warriors taking over their hobby (gasp!).  Of course the Cathedral brooks no dissent. You are next asked to click if you think that the controversy is really caused by #1. Misogyny, #2. Fighting Corruption, #3. Whiny man-babies, or #4. Who cares? Basically, 3 choices against #GamerGaters and 1 choice for #GGers.

Obviously, the author is flabbergasted that anyone would dare dissent against the decrees of the SJWs and just knows that everyone will choose #1. Misogyny, especially after his smoking gun that #GamerGaters thought that the SJW insanity was 'safely contained' on Tumblr.

Well, I made my choice and was treated to an immediate poll result. 83% for 'Fighting Corruption'. My first response was LOLz. My second thought was that this is embarrassing for the author and the Cathedral, and will probably be removed ASAP, so I took a screen cap (below).

This article is as biased and leading as you could possibly want, but what is happening?... The readers know the truth. That is amazing. The SJWs are attacking from all sides; every mainstream source is trumpeting loudly that only a misogynist would support #GamerGate; the Cathedral is using every possible avenue to silence dissent and to control minds, using their giant megaphone to scream MISOGYNY!!

But it isn't working. It simply isn't working. Do we see a crack in the Cathedral's mind control matrix?


  1. Weird your pic is 83, I saw it at 85, its now at 77

  2. "Then ask yourself if a movement that chooses to make practically the first thing it wants you to read about "safely containing" feminism on Tumblr can have anything other than misogyny at its heart?"

    I had to read that sentence three or four times to understand it. No one teaches (or apparently wants to pay for) clarity in writing anymore.

    It's kind of amazing how gamers went from "wimpy, asthmatic feebs with lots of allergies and Coke-bottle glasses" to "dangerous patriarchal monsters who want to rape all women" within just a few years.