Thursday, October 23, 2014

MAIDs and Potty-Mouthed Princesses

I was recently treated to a little Social Justice propaganda when I got a link to the Potty-Mouthed Princesses video. You can search for it yourself, I decline to link to it. This video was created by the same group that created the Ferguson children Hey White People video, a group of Social Justice rent-seekers. It features a group of adorable young girls cursing for feminism and Social Justice. Personally, I think that mothers who use their children in such a way a child-abusers, but I'll not spend too much time 'concern trolling' as I wouldn't spend two seconds worrying about such people or their children… the sins of the father and all that.

Both of those videos are full of distortions and lies. They are intentionally false psychological manipulations, aka mind control. But, no-one can attack them. Here is why.

Anglo-Europeans have evolved a moral duty to practice out-group altruism. As an aside, moral duties are simply expressions of reproductive strategies. This is a quirk of Anglo-European evolution. Most groups practice in-group altruism and out-group parasitism, but it appears that Anglo-Europeans (for whatever reason, but probably Church enforced prohibitions on in-breeding/cousin marriage) evolved a system of out-group altruism. So the quirk is that Anglo-Europeans practice both in-group altruism and out-group altruism.

All of these 'victims' claim out-group status and are using moral language to accuse Anglo-Europeans of practicing in-group altruism and out-group parasitism. The claim in the PMP video is that the in-group (men) are getting unfair advantage at the expense of the out-group (women), which is free-riding or parasitism or theft. This invokes a response called altruistic punishment. This response causes the individual to altruistically sacrifice himself to punish the free-rider. This response evolved as a reproductive strategy, and is extremely valuable for maintaining the commons (the marketplace) which allows high-velocity trade (mistrust reduces velocity of trade), which has been such an amazing competitive advantage to Anglo-Europeans over the last millennium. So, Anglo-European individuals will throw themselves in harm's way to punish free-riders/parasites. This has been identified as MAIDs: Moral Auto-Immune Disorder.

This is the strategy of Leftists, to turn Anglo-Europeans against each other using our own evolved evolutionary response against free-riding/parasitism. Of course, it is all a farce. The free-riding is non-existent. This is why the Left uses pseudo-science such as false research and studies. The claims (gender pay gap, 1 in 5 women raped, etc.) in the PMP video are provably false, but the accusations do not have to be factual, they perform their function merely by evoking an intuitive altruistic punishment response in the Anglo-European. This is the essence of Marxist critical theory: the theory is that all groups can be divided into oppressed/oppressor, so the Marxist must find the dividing line and claim 'oppression' (free-riding on the out-group, out-group parasitism). Examples of 'oppressed/oppressors': women/men, blacks/whites, poor/rich, gay/straight, trans-gender/cis-gender, Jew/Christian, Muslim/Christian, Democrat/Republican, gun activists/gun owners, etc. The altruistic punishment response is the key psycho-biological feature that fuels (cultural) Marxism and critical (race) theory. Without it, those theories would be useless.

Any denial of the false victim's victim-hood is perceived as an attack against the out-group (victim blaming) and only confirms the false accusations. Only submission (offering of help/money/resources to the 'victim') will end the altruistic punishment. This submission is the end-goal, and is the cause of the false attacks: resources/competitive advantage gained at little expense through psychological manipulation (mind control). This is a form of rent-seeking. This is the conundrum: we can't attack these false attackers. What can we do? Not to be overly dramatic, but finding the answer to that question may be the key to the future of Western civilization.

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