Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ISIS Beheadings: Red Pill View

Ok, let's think about these recent beheadings by ISIS.

In past months, ISIS has been kicking ass and taking names, and it seems that no-one can stop them in the Middle East. The only people that could stop them are America and America's allies, the NATO countries. But the citizens of the US are war weary. They are tired of all the fighting. They really don't want to send more troops to the Middle East. They are trying to bring the troops home and let the Arabs fight it out.

So what does ISIS decide to do? Do they keep consolidating power and building their caliphate, as the proclaim is their goal? Do they keep working, hoping that the US and “the allies of America” will keep ignoring them and let them grow?

No. They produce not one, but three videos of high production quality which are directed at America, and then its allies, of horrific beheadings of innocent Americans and Brits. The victims are clear non-combatants, journos and aid workers. They are actually taunting the West.

From CNN: “The latest killing, ISIS said, was ‘a message to the allies of America’ -- a direct challenge to the United States.”

Now, put your thinking caps on here. If you are ISIS, what could you possibly have to gain by antagonizing America and its allies? Absolutely nothing. The smartest play is to keep the West mollified and hope they stay on the sidelines.

America's response has been exactly what you would expect it to be: they're sending in troops and bombing ISIS. A coalition is building. The West has been roused to war again. Who could have predicted this response? Well, pretty much anyone, really. Does it really make sense that ISIS would do this and send America and Britain nice neat videos, basically begging the allies to come in and attack them?

No. It doesn't. It doesn't make a damn bit of sense... not if you really are ISIS.

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  1. The biggest threat to any extremist movement is an even more extremist movement (note how Al-Qaeda was replaced by ISIS), so it's important to make propaganda films for potential recruits (Sunni Arabs in this case) to see how extreme you are. It hardly matters what we think of these films, because we lack the will to utterly exterminate ISIS.