Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It's often hilarious to listen in to the feminist echo chamber. There's really no sphere of the web like the fem-o-sphere for rampant vapidity and in-fighting. Apparently someone started a #YesAllWomen hashtag, and we have the Grrl Power! brigade jumping on the bandwagon.
But of course, white women (let alone male feminists) cannot grasp true 'intersectional oppression', so the minori-fems take offense that there are too many white (and male) feminists taking advantage of the victim-attention that should be going to minorities and various gender-bender headcases. I'm sure you'll remember Ching-chong-ding-dong 'chop' Suey Park of recent Stephen Colbert bashing fame. Apparently she is a top ranking strategist in the fem-army who can order lower ranking fem-allies back to their stations to await further instruction.
And inevitably, an aggrieved victim begins tweeting the  #YesAllWhiteWomen tag. Let the white-fem bashing begin!

So, the Grrl Power! parade gets rained on as white women are one-upped by the intersectional feminists. As far as I can tell being a trannie Person of Color is the trump card of the victim status hierarchy:
I couldn't help but point out how fun it is to watch the fems get fem-bashed by more femmie fems. Sadly, I got quickly put in my cis-het-patriarchal-white-master-race place by being called 'stupid'. Wow, when the fems come at you, they sure do play rough! Put the claws away kitty, Daddy's just having a little laugh.

White feminists are being quickly shunted to the side by higher ranking victims. Perhaps this can go on forever, but it has been my experience that blah blah 'like a woman scorned'. Who knows how long it will take for white feminists to get tired of riding in the back of the victim bus? Even when they try to get air play for the whole 'rape culture' nonsense, they still get out-ranked on the victim scale. White feminists are now laughable creatures, pathetically trying to compete for victim status against clearly more oppressed minority-trannie-fems. White feminists started the victim game, and it was fun while it lasted, but it appears to me that it is a game of musical chairs and the seats for white women are rapidly disappearing.

Ladies, let Uncle Butch give you some advice, you'll be happier if you just go #BackToTheKitchen.

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